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Leveling-up real life farms, one metal chicken at a time.


The Farm Market

From Gramma's Place to Schlichting Century Farms: What a long, strange and delicious trip it's been!

Back in 1984, Uncle D, Auntie M and their little daughter Mary starting selling farm fresh produce along Highway 99 in Sherwood, Oregon. Like most farming endevours, our beginnings were humble! We rented a little piece of property from a wonderful woman of the community, "Gramma" Millie List, rest her soul.

Over the years, we expanded our Highway home to include u-pick strawberries and flowers, a pumpkin patch, hanging baskets and country folk art. We carried produce from other local growers and Auntie M's hand sewn wares. The original Gramma's Place was born.

Sherwood was a very different place in the '80's. Hardly anyone driving through ever went off that main 99W drag and even fewer strangers made stop offs on their way to the Oregon beaches to the west or Portland to the east. But by the time sweet Millie passed away in the late 90's, Sherwood had become a veritable suburban community. Uncle D and Auntie M moved back to the family property, no longer so far off the beaten path.

Schlichting Century Farm store bears our proud heritage -- and it's THE perfect place for breeding our wonderful metal chickens.

The Farm Market reopens for business on May 1st, 2011. This year marks our 135th year of farming the same land. We are the fourth and fifth generations of Sherwood farmers and we are thrilled to be of service to the growing Sherwood landscape.

Our landscape is our favorite, though. At Schlichting Century Farm, we have the most beautiful view of Mt. Hood behind our acres of u-pick fruits and vegetables. This year is our third year with a peach orchard!! The peaches have been a wonderful success! Big, juicy easy to reach peaches have been stripped from their branches within two to three days of ripeness, so watch for our peach posts!

We're open from May 1st to November 1st every year, but we also have a self serve birdseed stand year round. Right now, the self serve market is also featuring hazelnut shells for landscaping, straw bales, mulch and rhubarb starts. Give Uncle D a call to find out more: 503-936-3637

Also available and brand new this year: Uncle D's Hoes!

These are the best, hand crafted garden hoes you will ever find. Like Uncle D's Hoes on Facebook and get a $1 off your hoe:

We're looking forward to bringing you the best in seasonal produce, garden starts, hanging baskets and metal art on May 1st!

Love always,
Uncle D, Auntie M & Mary


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